We are thrilled to announce the launch of UnLitter USA, the app that's about to revolutionize litter collection in the USA! With its mission to ignite the economy, boost local business, and keep the USA's community clean and litter-free. UnLitter USA is the app you'll want to be a part of.

Download UnLitter USA

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An UnLitter USA project aimed at incentivising tourists and residents alike to come together to keep USA clean, all whilst stimulating the local economy.

Download UnLitter USA

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Get involved in UnLitter USA

UnLitter USA incentivizes responsible behavior by rewarding users for disposing of litter, and it all goes to supporting local merchants! Every time someone disposes of litter correctly, they'll be directed to spend their rewards at targeted businesses, benefiting all users!

For Consumers:

  • Economic reward for positive social behaviour​
  • Engagement through gamification & interaction​
  • Activates community participation

For Merchants:

  • Free marketing channel for SMEs/ local businesses ​
  • Increased footfall & sales, positive CSR
  • Create and manage own offers

This is your chance to join forces with UnLitter USA and make an impact in the USA.

How do I earn Ucoins?

1. Pick up a piece of litter.

2. Use the UnLitter USA app to scan the litter before properly disposing of it in the appropriate trash can.

3. Once approved, Ucoins will be credited to your wallet.

Where can I earn Ucoins for collecting litter with UnLitter USA?

You can collect litter to earn Ucoins anywhere within the an active geofenced area.

To view the active geofenced area, login to the UnLitter USA app and navigate to the map page.

How do I spend my Ucoins?

1. Navigate to the shop within the UnLitter USA app.

2. Browse and purchase available vouchers.

3. Present the voucher QR code to the participating merchant in-store to redeem.

Own a business in the USA?
Want to join the UnLitter USA platform and participate as a merchant?

Please register your interest here and we’ll be in touch.