What is UnLitter USA?

  • Our UnLitter USA solution is an app that aims to educate and reward users to pick up and dispose of litter correctly, whilst stimulating the local economy.

    1. Find a merchant or voucher

      a. To find merchants that accept Circular Ucoins, please navigate to the “Merchants’ tab in the “Shop” page in the app. Alternatively, to view a list of all available vouchers, navigate to the ”Vouchers” tab in the “Shop” page of the app. You can also keep an eye out for shops with a poster in their window indicating that they accept Circular Ucoins.

    2. Select voucher

      a. Once you’ve found a voucher you’d like to purchase with your Circular Ucoins, simply click ‘Buy now’ on the voucher. Your purchased voucher will appear in the ‘My Vouchers’ tab of the ‘Shop’ page in the UnLitter USA app.

    3. Redeem voucher in-store

      a. When you wish to redeem your voucher, head over to the store and present your voucher. They will scan the QR code on the voucher and apply your deal/discount. 

  • UnLitter USA has many benefits for both consumers and participating merchants.

    For consumers:

    • Earn Circular Ucoins to purchase rewards in the form of vouchers from participating merchants,
    • Join your local community in keeping your environment clean and beautiful,
    • Reduce litter entering local ecosystems and harming wildlife,
    • Stimulate your local economy by purchasing vouchers from participating local merchants,
    • Free to sign up!
    For Merchants:
    • Access to the UnLitter USA marketing channel, with no sign-up costs,
    • Potential for increased footfall and sales,
    • Positive CSR for encouraging consumers to clean up their environment,
    • Freedom to create and manage your own offers,
    • Quick and easy registration, with no complex POS integration!

  • Unbox the Universe. You can find out more about Unbox the Universe at www.unboxuniverse.com

How do I participate?


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